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Best Flying Club Booking System

MyAeroClubTM is your all-in-one Flying Club Software.
  • 100% cloud-based
  • Proven
  • Very easy to drive
  • Very comprehensive
  • Very affordable

MyAeroClubTM is a modular Flying Club Dbase and Booking system, allowing you to start low budget and the booking system as required.
The basic version of includes a Public website publication in combination with club-members' dbase. Each member has access to update their personal details.
The full version includes a sophisticated on-line aircraft booking system allowing members to book an aircraft without or with an instructor of their choice. Members can view their personal flight-log details.
Committee members have access to additional features.

Being 100% cloud based, just think about the fact that: your members, instructors, administrator, secretary and other committee members can access your club's database from anywhere!

The system incorporates multi access-levels. This allow your club's website manager (usually the secretary) to differienciate access amongst members, like: Students, Pilots, Instructors, Committee members, etc.

MyAeroClubTM is very easy to use. You will get to know your way around very quickly.

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Feedback and requests for additional requirements from various clubs help us improving MyAeroClubTM all the time,
resulting in an ever improving system with
free updates and upgrades.


the very best
all-in-one Flying Club Software
for you!
Main Features

  • Public website:
    • 8 web-pages
    • Content Management System (access/authority to member to fulfill this task)
  • Basic access level for all members:
    • Update your personal details
    • View your Flight log details
    • Download restricted information (e.g. minutes)
    • Aircraft Booking System
  • Higher restricted access levels by Admin, secretary, treasurer, and other committee members:
    • Members database management (by a committee member)
    • Content Management of web-pages
    • Remote Aircraft/Pilot flight hours logging
    • Accounts aircraft/pilot flight hours (pre-processing for MYOB)
    • Flights Analysis - for selected month
    • Group emailing to: members, committee, instructors, aircraft owners, etc.
    • Uploading public documents
    • Uploading restricted documents
  • No need making backups
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Very easy to use
Additional Features

Additional features can be added as requested, like e.g.:
  • Extra web-pages
  • Specific functionality
  • Online Payments
  • Online Trial Flight Voucher purchases
  • Online Club Shop purchases
... and any more as required.

Requested addons will be assest at practicality and implemented at cost.